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The ST2K STEDI Light Bar is a unique design in the STEDI catalog, with its curved design and powerful LEDs. It provides mid-to-long range illumination and is an excellent addition to any pre-existing lighting setup. It offers better visibility, but it will also enhance the overall look of your ride. Read on for more information about the ST2K Superdrive curved light bar.

ST3K LED Light Bar

The STEDI ST3K LED light bar has a total height of 63mm, making it ideal for mounting to the grille or front bar. Its low profile allows it to be mounted in tight spaces while still offering maximum performance. It also features a high-quality flood beam and penetrating beam. It is an excellent choice for requiring maximum visibility in various driving conditions.

This LED light bar is ideal for rugged environments, including off-road driving. Its average light output is around 4650 LM, and it is IP67-rated for water resistance. Its lifetime warranty also makes it a reliable choice. Unlike other LED light bars, it is also inexpensive, and you can get a similar model from more than one company. If you’re unsure which one is best for your vehicle, you can consider the reviews below.

Stedi Light Bar

ST2K Superdrive curved Light Bar

The STEDI ST2K Superdrive curved light bar carries the flood beam from combo beam lights much further. The bar comes in a variety of sizes and features a motorsport pedigree. Unlike typical light bars, the ST2K Superdrive has a high-performance reflector system that delivers unmatched light intensity over a long-range. Listed below are some of its features and benefits.

The ST2K produces a narrow horizontal spot beam and a wide-angle driving beam. This light bar is also equipped with a reflector and curved housing for increased safety. The ST2K also comes with a high-beam wiring kit and an Easy-Fit Plug & Play high beam wiring harness. The kit contains an HB3 and H4 adapter, which is needed to mount the ST2K light bar.

ST3K Single Row

The STEDI ST3K Single Row light bar is designed to give a lot of light in a compact space. With a total height of 63mm, it can be mounted in various locations without disrupting the factory look. It is compatible with both stock and aftermarket grilles. Because it features a slim profile, it can fit in a small area. The light bar’s long beam can give drivers a clear view of the road, while its small diameter allows it to work in an even smaller spot.

The ST3K single row light bar is available in different sizes. It is perfect for a front grille or a roof rack, and it fits on a wide variety of 4X4 vehicles. The ST3K light bar’s Pure Drive circuitry converts 97% of its power into light energy. These light bars help illuminate the road even in the darkest hours of the night. The bright, angular light beam helps drivers avoid hitting animals or other roadside objects.

ST4K LED Light Bar

The STEDI ST4K LED light bar is a versatile multipurpose lighting solution featuring 60 OSRAM OSLON LEDs and double rows of lighting. Its OSRAM OSLON LEDs are among the best automotive lights on the market. The ST4K’s high luminous flux and perfect matching optical properties are paired with its high color temperature of 5700K. It is available in a range of different lengths and can be mounted on the vehicle’s grill or roof-mounting rack.

The STEDI ST4K LED light bar features an output of 663m and 55m flood beams. It is compatible with most off-road vehicles and can be fitted in a front grille or on a roof-mounted rack. The varying illumination options allow you to choose the best illumination option for the specific conditions of your vehicle. The STEDI ST4K LED light bar is manufactured in Australia by STEDI, a company dedicated to providing high-performance auxiliary LED lighting solutions.

ST4K Series

The STEDI ST4K Series is a versatile light bar with a well-balanced luminous flux and throw combination. Its design features a cast aluminum body with an inset 3mm polycarbonate lens with a UV-resistant polyester finish. This bar is water and dust-resistant and is backed by a five-year replacement warranty. It’s a great all-around performer and a worthy contender for your next outdoor project.

The STEDI ST4K LED light bar utilizes PURE Drive(TM) technology to deliver an 810m beam to the ground. This bar features 60 x OSRAM OSLON(r) LEDs and a comprehensive anti-theft kit to protect your investment. Unlike other brands, STEDI stands behind its products. If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable LED light bar, we recommend STEDI’s ST4K Series.
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