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An RGBIC Light is a colorful strip of lights with multiple colors and a variety of effects. The light’s color can be altered by the user by using its built-in IC chips. The LED strip lights are perfect for DIY projects and any lighting effect you want to create. The strips can also be customized using the app available for the lights. You can change the color of each segment with the tap of a finger. For creative montage, you can use the built-in IC chips.

RGBIC Strip Light

What’s the Difference Between RGBIC and RGB?

RGBIC is a method by which many colors can be simultaneously displayed on a single strip of light. RGB however is able to display only one color at the same time.

If you are looking for an LED strip lamp that has color, these two are for you. If however, you wish to show different colors in the length of a strip light then the RGBIC is the best choice.


You can set the RGBIC strip to emit dynamic colors, a plain orange glow, or even timed sleep mode. The strips come with fixing clips to help you attach them to a wall or other surfaces. If you’re wondering about its versatility, here’s a brief overview:

Although it might be appealing to have a strip light in your kitchen, it’s not essential. If you’re looking for under cabinet lighting, you may want to look for a different solution. Regular RGB strips are not as flexible as the RGBIC ones, so they’re not appropriate for a bathroom, game room, or cabinet. However, if you want to create an impressive gaming environment, the strips are the way to go.

RGBIC strip lights from Govee come with built-in IC chips. These lights display multiple colors simultaneously, creating vivid multiple color effects. Additionally, they come with a built-in microphone, allowing you to use it with music to sync with your favorite song. In addition, this particular strip is also compatible with all types of surfaces, including glass, metal, and wood. You can customize the colors of your strip lights by changing their color with the music.

Types of RGBIC:

RGBIC strip lights come in two varieties: the standard and the RGBIC. The latter is better for displaying more colors on a single strip. The difference between these two types of lights is largely in the color you can display. While strips are more expensive than their counterparts, they’re worth the price. They are great for blending multiple colors, but they’re still too bright to use as a night light.

The strip light uses an advanced IC chip that displays multiple colors simultaneously. The result is a dazzling display of vivid, chasing, and flowing colors. The RGBIC strip light is a great replacement for boring solid-colored RGB lighting. Unlike traditional RGB strips, the RGBIC strip lights are sensitive to music and can be synchronized with your favorite songs. You’ll be amazed at the vibrant colors of the strip light.

While the standard RGB LED strip uses red, green, and blue LEDs, RGBIC strips use a 4-in-1 LED chip. The strip contains a red, green, and blue LED chip alongside a white LED chip. Because of its unique design, the strip can display multi-colors at the same time. The main difference between RGB and RGBIC is that the RGBIC strip can’t be cut and can only be sold in strips.

When to Use RGBIC

If you’re thinking about any kind of task lighting in an area that is functional in your house, you do not require such RGBIC strip lighting. Kitchen cabinets garages, bathrooms, and so on. are likely to be able to utilize regular RGB or the standard white temperature lighting strip lights.

If you are looking for something distinctive to decorate your bedroom, signage, or for any other decorative use then the RGBIC product is a great choice.
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