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A LED wall washer is a type of lighting that has the ability to wash eight to nine feet of vertical wall space with a dazzling array of color and light effects. Because of their ability to present static or dynamic effects, these lights are perfect for outdoor lighting. Most systems use high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to achieve the desired effect. These lights are available in both fixed and flexible versions. They are particularly popular for use in restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

LED wall washers have the ability to redefine three major aspects of lighting: projection distance, secondary light distribution, and condensing uniformity. It is also part of the “planar light” category. While the projection distance of most LED wall washers is between one and ten meters, some high-power models can reach five to twenty meters. However, their lifespan is also quite long – typically over a hundred thousand hours. This means that LED Light wall washers can be used indoors and outdoors for years without requiring replacement or repair.

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LED Wall Washers Uses

LED wall washers are a complex type of light source that can be mounted on walls to create a beautiful, uniform wash of light. Their unique optical design allows them to change color easily when projected, making them suitable for almost any type of space. This versatile light source is also a popular choice for outdoor installations, such as outdoor cafes, swimming pools, and sports venues. LED light wall washers can even be mounted on buildings to give the effect of light washing through a large surface.

LED wall washers Light can be programmed to change color. There are three major types of LED wall washers: multi-row RGBW, square RGBW, and white LED. Each type of wall washer has inner chips that create a dynamic lighting effect. Some are programmed to change colors and provide different effects. A white LED wall washer can give a room a beautiful, refined look. In addition, some models are adjustable so they can be used for various applications.

LED wall washers can also be used to illuminate an entire facade. Wall washing creates a soft, diffused luminosity that highlights certain parts of the wall. It is also beneficial for museums and historic buildings. An LED Light wall washer can be connected to a better control system, allowing you to adjust the hues of the lights to suit the ambiance. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, LED wall washers can enhance the surface texture by highlighting details.

A wall washer can also be used for wall grazing, which creates a unique and elegant combination of light and shadow. Whether you choose to place it far above the wall or directly above it, LED-wall washers can dramatically change the perception of the wall. This creates an elegant contrast to otherwise plain walls. The wall washer can be used for ambient lighting in the room or for tasks requiring high illumination. Make sure to install the wall washers close to the wall.
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