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Whether you’re installing a single strip of LED strip cove or an entire cove system, you’ll need to consider a few factors before installing your new lighting. First, consider the power source. LEDs can either be low-voltage or high-voltage. The low-voltage variety is usually better suited to accents and recessed areas. For best results, use a 12-volt transformer. To add control, you can choose a dimmable or non-dimmable transformer.

LED Strip Cove Lighting

LED strip cove lights are available in full reels and three-foot increments. You can also purchase smaller lengths to cover any space that you’d like to light. If you’re planning to use the strip in an outdoor space, you can order a full reel instead of smaller sections. You should also remember to take measurements in relation to the ceiling.
For example, a 16-foot-by-16-foot room requires four sixteen-foot runs of RGB LED strip light.

LED strips for coves should be mounted on an aluminum profile with a diffuser. This will absorb heat from the LEDs and help protect the surrounding area from dust. You should also choose a dimming controller for your cove lighting, as they come with a variety of options. Dimming options range from analog to digital. You can also choose from a wide variety of LEDs for cove lighting, including warm white, daylight, and even color-changing RGB modules.

LED lights for coves usually come in a variety of colors. It’s usually the easiest part of strip lighting installation. They’re available in several different sizes and shapes and can be installed by a handyperson. You can also select a color-changing LED Strip Cove light to add dramatic effects or set a specific mood. You can choose a white or a cool-white model to make your cove lighting unique and eye-catching.

The power supply is a must when using LED strips. You can dim the lights with a remote control or wire them to a 110-volt dimmer switch. If you’re not comfortable wiring LED Strip Cove lights, it’s best to hire a professional electrician. They can help you determine the right voltage source and length. This way, you’ll avoid the possibility of a voltage drop while installing the light. In case of any questions, be sure to ask them.

If you’re looking for cove lighting with a low-voltage source, an AC strip will be a good choice. These types of strips generally require longer lengths and can be mounted upwards without the use of the adhesive or plastic track. One of our customers installed two strips along the side of his work trailer. The brightness was incredible! He even has the option of dimming the LEDs to suit his preferences.

LED Strip Cove Lighting Installation

LED Strip Cove should be installed before the cove is up. Start your installation at the wall where you’ll be installing the transformer. Make sure you apply backer tape on the first few feet of the strip. This will allow you to pull the strip away from the wall as you connect the light strips to the transformer. Then, connect the transformer to the strip and enjoy your beautiful new lighting! The installation process can’t be easier if you follow a few guidelines.
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